Wealth Management

The families we serve at Lovell Wealth Management are looking for ways to build and secure their wealth to provide for their lifetimes and beyond. We take pride in providing clear answers, personal and well-researched advice to maximize all areas of your financial life so that you can focus on enjoying the good life.

At Lovell Wealth Management, we are keenly aware of the special planning needs of our wealthy clients. We educate you about tax-advantaged investments and planning strategies designed to minimize current and future taxes, we partner with estate planning attorneys and CPAs who design trust strategies that will help mitigate hefty tax burdens imposed on your loved ones, and we provide comprehensive services to help you keep as much of your wealth in your hands as you need to enjoy your chosen lifestyle.

Financial Planning
The most essential service provided by Lovell Wealth Management is comprehensive financial planning. This planning coordinates the various elements of your financial life for a cohesive approach designed to help eliminate problems and to identify opportunities in light of your goals. It includes a full review of insurances, investments, taxes, and estate planning tools.

Investment Planning Strategies
With access to many money managers, including instititutional managers, and a wide array of well-known, plus newly-innovative, investment vehicles, we are dedicated to continuous and focused research to ensure that the most competitive and strategy-driven investment services available in today's marketplace are available for our clients. This lineup includes stocks, bonds, equity and bond funds, sector mutual funds, ETFs and echanged-traded notes, REITs, structured notes, all typies of annuities and cash-value insurances, long-term care and disability insurance, including those providing long-term care benefits, oil and gas funds, equipment leasing funds, money market products.

Legacy Planning
Legacy preservation and transfer is an essential value within our firm, as is helping you to pursue your philanthropic vision. Whether you want to maximize your charitable giving during your lifetime, explore tax-advantaged strategies offering the most financial benefit for you and your family or for your cherished organizations, or design a multi-generational legacy plan, we are ready to help turn your dreams into reality.

Business Planning
As a business owner, the delicate balance of using assets for growth while also addressing cash flow needs and proper liability coverage is challenging. Besides formal education in such matters, we ourselves are business owners, and face firsthand the same types of financial decisions that our business owner clients do.


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